Why you should Let Go of past pains and Move On

Why you should Let go of past pains and move on

Table of Contents Letting Go is not easy. But what it isn’t, is impossible. It is POSSIBLE to LET GO and MOVE ON. You just have to allow yourself to start over. I’ll tell you why. Have you ever been overwhelmed by a wave of regret and /or embarrassment because you remembered something you did […]

Success or Failure is a personal decision

Success or Failure is a personal decision

Table of Contents To most of us that word “success” is synonymous with: Top-of-the-range cars, owning or living in apartments in prime places, lavish weddings, piles of academic degrees, an elite pedigree, piles of cash stashed away at the ready. The list goes on. Every day, we all wake up, go through our morning routine, […]

Lessons from the rain, wind and the sun

Lessons from the Rain, wind and the sun

Table of Contents The intricate detail and delicate design that animates each blade of grass, leaf and flower petal draws me to ponder just how much thought the creator invested in weaving the fabric of my being into existence. The breeze that gently brews, bowing leaves and trees into mysterious worship speaks of a careful […]

How to manage tough times: Seven steps

Table of Contents Dark days will not last forever. Some periods of darkness may be longer or more difficult than others, but they are only temporary. The sun will shine again. When you are surrounded by problems, it is simply difficult to imagine yourself out of them. Like one indebted to so many that you […]