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Table of Contents Do you ever feel like you need something so badly? You can actually pursue and archive what you desire, need or want.

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Stop Complaining

Stop complaining!!

Table of Contents Can we just stop complaining… For those that know me well, i am not really a movie person. Nonetheless, When I first

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Overcoming self doubt

Overcoming self doubt.

Table of Contents There is this monster called doubt! I am still in the battle field with it😹. And yes, I am more than determined

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Those Baby Steps..

Those baby steps…

Table of Contents Every time I read through my blogs, I realize I am my favorite audience. Those words speak to me as if they

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Table of Contents I decided a few things. Settled a few things about myself I’d been struggling with. Mainly little things that have caused far

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Dear Christian


Table of Contents Maybe there is something we might want to look into. A couple of days ago, news was trending about an retired Archbishop

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