Lessons from the rain, wind and the sun

Lessons from the Rain, wind and the sun

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The intricate detail and delicate design that animates each blade of grass, leaf and flower petal draws me to ponder just how much thought the creator invested in weaving the fabric of my being into existence.

The breeze that gently brews, bowing leaves and trees into mysterious worship speaks of a careful invisible hand moving

It all reminds of me of the Holy Spirit’s gentle knock at the doors of my heart,

“Will you let me in?” he asks

“Come to me and find rest for your weary soul,” he adds

And the warmth of the sun,

It brings all this creation to life

It warms my heart and reminds me I am loved.

Without the sun all beauty is as if it were not- dark and dull

The yellow is a lifeline to creation that many overlook like water under a bridge

So clear on one day,

And on another, tucked behind a cloud of grey

But it doesn’t cease to exist

Nature worships even on a grey day

The pitter patter of raindrops offers percussion

To which dust and green rise and sway in celebration,

Toasting to the life that comes with the rain

Even when it may make a storm and send them into a drain

It’s like they know that beauty and growth belie the risk

And that when they hang on longer

New Life soon spikes through the soil

Such is our own life, Coming to growth and strength Only after enduring whatever stress and strains

Bittersweet it is

Birds know this,

So they sing even when it storms

Because they learn to build stronger nests

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