Those baby steps…

Those Baby Steps..

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Every time I read through my blogs, I realize I am my favorite audience. Those words speak to me as if they were never indited by me! I needed to hear them the most.

This been swirling in my head for a couple of days now. I couldn’t help myself but just share! I hope this impacts on someone out there.

At the age of about 24years, Lisa thinks she has failed in life because she is not at the level or even close to what they have achieved. I opine that Lisa’s perception about life, is found very typical of the agenda-setting theory. This is a story for another day. However just to keep you on track, agenda- setting theory is the ability or the way media influences us. It’s effects can trigger us to think or act in a specific manner. The sad thing is that if you’re not assertive enough to sieve our what content to consume or not, just as it is, media will begin to create for you an agenda which you will be forced to follow as a way of life. This can be very tragic!

At 24 , I think life should just be starting. My dad keeps saying, you have a whole life ahead of you! I couldn’t agree any better. Because then, you are probably starting or planning to start living independently or something of the sorts. Basically most times you’re are at a stage of transition from being fully dependant to being independent or partially dependant. You’re just in the genesis of a new chapter of your life.

However, media today has tamed our minds to think and feel that at 24 years, someone can actually be a failure. Simply because they have not achieved certain things, or visited certain places that society or media has labeled as “success.” Not forgetting the pressure and anxiety that dawns in when we begin to compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. Therein cultivating the feeling of failure yet disregarding the fact that most of what we see on social media is nothing but charlatanry!

So here is something to that person within that is trying to hold back.

If I could, I’d write your name up in the sky,

So that everytime the night gets dark,

The whole world could just look up to you,

And you would light up every soul,

Pretty much the way you do lighten me up from here,

You deserve to be seen, I know you’ll be adored by all,

But first you need to look within for a cure,

Because if there is one thing I know for sure,

Its that you have no reason to be so insecure.

Its overwhelming that you don’t see it too,

But i pray someday we’ll share this notion, And keep hoping that, that day will be tomorrow.

I actually do not blame the little innocent girl for thinking and feeling like a failure. Because I’ve been through it. This world, yes! this world can make you feel like you are the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. Unless you realize who you are and the gold mine within you. Am afraid you may end up a victim of depression!

I remembered being a girl that keeps thinking and believing that everyone is far a head of her, and yes I worried that there’s nothing to do and its probably all my fault, because I’m slower than the rest. While others started building on their dreams by 12 and have it all figured out by 20, there is me😹. I mean I can barely locate the stage at which I am! All I know is I am not yet there. One thing I am sure about is I will get there.

However, just because I’m still far from where I want to truly be at 25 doesn’t mean I should stop working on it. I realized that I should hold onto those dreams, and yes I might be slower, but just because I walk while they run back home doesn’t mean I shall not reach eventually, and who knows, I might find dad on my way and he’ll give me a lift, thus reaching a few minutes faster than I actually should have.

Never had I been so grateful before, God actually gave me what I had always wanted, right when I needed it, and now here I am.

I pride in taking my own pace, to finding my own grace! Hey, be ware, this world will put you on pressure and make you feel like you’re a failure at only 20 something. It’s absurd! Naturally you might be tamed to feel this way, but I think it’s only healthy for you to realize that everyone has their own pace. Let alone there own path, dreams and purpose. Set your eyes off others and focus on building you. It won’t be long, we shall get there. So do not let anyone or anything be a determinant to your pace.

You are not any less of a human Just because the people in your circles have “made it in life” and you’re still “struggling” to get there. One step at a time. Everything has it’s timing, brace yourself and be patient with the process.

This does not justify comfort at whichever point you’ve reached in life, No! It is just a simple reminder that you’re not someone else, you’re you! So focus on you, invest in you, love you and be the the best version of you. Be open minded and willing to learn and yes, you will get there as long as you keep your eyes stuck to your goal

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