Why you should Let Go of past pains and Move On

Why you should Let go of past pains and move on

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Letting Go is not easy. But what it isn’t, is impossible. It is POSSIBLE to LET GO and MOVE ON. You just have to allow yourself to start over. I’ll tell you why.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a wave of regret and /or embarrassment because you remembered something you did wrong? Do you torment yourself by obsessively thinking about what you could have done or said differently? Have you ever felt so ashamed of your actions and prayed that you could just disappear to a place where you could exist alone?

If you have, then know that you are not alone. It’s many of us inside that rabbit hole.

Mental suffering is never fun. It’s worse than physical suffering whose temporary wounds heal. Mental suffering endures. The moment of hurt passes, but its sting stays like an immobile, incurable parasite that slowly eats away your sanity, peace of mind and emotional strength- until one day you look in the mirror and you realize, you have no idea who you’re staring at anymore. It’s like you’ve lost yourself to yourself.

Heartbreak. Betrayal. Trauma. Insecurity about the past. All these experiences leave your heart livid; more so, if responsible for the hurt was/is a loved one or a least expected person. Scars from your past cause you to withdraw from the rest of the world. You build a wall around you, and you effectively shut out everyone else. You are not willing to trust again. Because the last time you did, it ended in premium heartbreaks.

When you lick your wounds right, healing normally follows. And after that comes growth, proudly sponsored by pain. But, only if you let yourself trust again- not humans, but the value of the pain from your past. Remember, there is no growth without pain. There is no flower without rain.

While it’s good to, once in a while, refer to your past to gain perspective for the present. But, it is not wise, nor healthy to dwell in the past.

The reality of pain makes us human. It also keeps us from repeating the same mistakes. It causes us to grow; but when you let your past control and limit you, you become a slave to history, at the expense of your potent present and promising future.

To boot, sticking to your past will do you more harm than good.  It revitalizes your fears, failures, fury and pains. It immobilizes you- stunting your progress towards tomorrow. Rehearsing your painful past makes you your own tyrant- constantly peeling your own scars, to your own peril.

Yes, Letting go is not easy, but what it isn’t, is impossible. It is possible to LET GO and MOVE ON. You just have to give a new start a chance. When you open up to it, you will watch the necessary support systems fall in place. So much miraculously aligns to your favour. To boot you also allow your eyes to open up to see that God’s hand has been sticking out for you to take, all that while. 

It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on because no matter how many times you revisit the past, you can’t change what’s happened. So instead of looking back, look ahead; and let go of the illusion that those things could have been better, if only…

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